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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tribute to him

I would just keep this post simple.
In tribute to this man.
and the progressive dislike towards a certain Titan.

Friday, November 11, 2005

It's heart-wrenching to admit my mistake

It's painful to admit that you've made a mistake in your choice. It just needs that painful statement by the other party to open up your eyes. All these while when you've been putting the other person on a pedestal and you willing to sacrifice almost everything for that person and suddenly he made a verbal attack on something that you really highly regard most in your life. What kind of person would do this. It's just plain lousy. I don't understand it myself. But maybe one thing is that it made me realise that it's dangerous to put any human being on a pedestal because human being human, is fallible. WEll, .....

It's unfortunate to have a list of misses in the heart department

It's heart-wrenching to admit your mistake in your choice

To realise that you are just delusional

But, wake up! wake up! and smell another rotten flower awaiting in the bushes.

But frankly I rather not cos I'm just plain tired and I want to sleep...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Beautiful saying

Anyway i just want to post a saying I read somewhere. A beautiful one...

"Nobody in their deathbed would say that they wish they had spent more time at their workplace"

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Moore and the Ben & Jerry's ice cream named after his former TV series The Awful Truth.

Can you handle the awful truth?!

I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Michael Moore. To those of you who doesn't know Michael Moore, I think it's about time you are introduced to this Gungho, over the top, righteous, brilliant, rebellious, in-your-face author and film and documentary maker. The first movie of his that I watched was 9/11: A slap-in-the-face movie dedicated especially for Mr George Bush. Sadly that's the only movie I've watched from him. (anyone who knows of his other titles or materials do let me know, although been searching for 'Bowling for Columbines').

But I've been an avid fan of his documentary cum talk show cum comedy every Friday on reality tv called 'The awful Truth'.

He is good in exposing the dirty laudry of this Titan called America. The last episode he talked about how the American white policemen seemingly consume LSD cos they have been shooting innocent African Americans for 'allegedly' carrying guns in their hands which turned out actually to be trivial daily stuffs like wallets and snicker bars. Stupid.

I like the episode where he slammed into the Afghan ambassador's office to discuss about the ban of television in Afghanistan and he later created a parody of dropping bundles of television to Afghanistan. Haha, that was funny and wicked.

Anyway those of you who are still blurry should catch the show yourself. It's on every Friday on Reality TV.

Kudos to you Moore!