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You shall not accept any information unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight and the brain, and you are responsible for using them {17:36}

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Too inspired by sacharine sweet love stories

After much heartache to let go of the past, I'm now ready to fall hopelessly in love again. Yes, I'm a sucker for romance(not many knows that, a lot of people think I'm too stone cold but it's not really true, really!) Please no more heartache and heartwrenching affairs just a simple love..maybe..

Inevitably it will be barren

I watched Le Grande Voyage just now. A subtle yet powerful in invoking emotions. Enlightening to say the least. This movie depicts the beauty of Islam and yet not blatant in its approach. And it helps to remind me that yes, we humans are only guests on this earth.

O' Allah, the Almighty, I prostrate upon You together with the seven universes.

We are all like fish in the sea, swimming constantly trying to find the right directions. May those who is seeking the answer to their purpose of life be given the answer and may those who yet to seek the answer be given the light of inititiation in seeking the answer. As naive as I may sound, I really hope that human beings in this world do not just float in this life, 'just to survive' and waiting to die.

Human life is not created by chance as is no house in the village is created by chance.

We are given the brain to think, think shall we then.
We are given the heart to feel, feel shall we then.
We are given the soul to reflect, reflect shall we then.

I haven't being the best of human being, although I try to. Along the way of my life, I try to learn; from people, from mistakes I've made, from knowledge and from reflecting and thinking.

I pray for God to make me a better Muslim cos none whatsoever is more important. This world is full of temporals: along the way as I carry out my duties as a human being, I know that there is something more magnificient and eternal later.
On saying this, I have no intention of making myself 'holier than thou', but for inducing people (if I can) to constantly reflect on what we have and what are we really attaining for...

May God bless you

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My new boyfriend, the photographer

No, i won't be clinging on his back....EEeeee

Monday, January 09, 2006

I thank you God for letting me born into this world
I thank you god for letting me born into this world with two legs, two arms, full facial features and working organs
I thank you God for letting me born into this world, not into poverty
I thank you God for letting me born into this world, not being forced by my parents into child prostitution
But what am i going to do, God, as the 'lucky one', for them who have to go through these sufferings?