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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I want to sail the Gondola with you
Watching your face, beaming
With the light of the sun slithering through your lines
Of experience of time of sadness and all the endeavours
that you went through
that we went through

I want to sail the Gondola with you
To kiss you not only of passion
But for thanking you
All these years sharing,
What nobody else could do
Together with me

We have gone on the journey together
And we hold hands
Feeling them and reminiscing what it was then
Forty years ago
Holding hands made us excited
But now it’s you and me, leading each other
Hoping you’ll hold me for eternity
And we’ll be there to see each other
When we cease here to exist

Love no longer means bunch of flowers for me
But the petals to throw
On the bed of my remains
And to know that this love means more than just ‘you and me’

I want to sail the Gondola with you
Cos it’s a journey
Not only here and now
But in essence ultimately


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